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World Chaos

What the Hell is going on?

This page used to be dedicated to all of the lies, manipulations and fraud going on in the world today. I spent years on this page providing my research and facts. So why did I delete it?

I came to see I was focusing so much on the negative that it would keep me stuck there. I need to focus more on bringing in 5D and the healing of humanity.


When it comes down to it, these things do not matter in the big picture. The big picture is what we all must focus on now. 


So what is going on? -All darkness is coming to light. Thats it. All the lies and manipulations and fraud and evil...its all being disassembled and everything is coming to the surface to be healed and released. You may be seeing this in your personal life with yourself, job and relationships. Many people are seeing relationships fall apart and repressed memories coming to the surface. Everything that needs to be healed and released will come to the surface. You must pay attention to it. Do the work. Heal and then help others heal.