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Treatments For Cancer (I cant use the word "cure".)

These have been hidden from you for many years! While men, women and children (and animals) die every single day, the powers that be do not care. Why? Because cancer patients bring in $150 BILLION a year and they want that money! 

Have you noticed all the Dr's disappearing, 'committing suicide' or being killed in other ways? This is because they were treating their patients with natural methods. 

With 5G coming out, it will be like living inside of a microwave and cancer rates will skyrocket. If you have not yet read my page on ways to protect yourself from harmful EMF's, please do so. HERE

There are actually many treatments for cancer, but my 3 favorites are listed below. One works IMMEDIATELY and I have personally witnessed when my own daughter had skin cancer. She never saw a Dr and the cancer was removed within 1 week. 

The other one works over time (around 90 days).

*UPDATE* (I was diagnosed with breast cancer and only used black salve. Scroll down for picture)

**For legal reasons, I must say that I am not a Dr and this is no substitute for actual medical advice** 



The first thing Id like to say about this is that there is an article about black salve on the Quackwatch website. Dr's and others say it is "preposterous" that a salve can literally suck a cancer tumor out of your body. Dr OZ is an especially heinous person. He aired a show about Black Salve Horror Stories and gave the audience lies, manipulations and did zero research. 

To this id like to say this is an OUTRIGHT LIE! I have SEEN THIS HAPPEN with my own eyes!

Many years ago, my mother was the one who had read about this salve and had ordered some. My daughter and I happened to be at her house the day it was delivered and we decided to try it out. The salve will ONLY react to cancer or pre-cancer or any abnormal cells/tissue. If you do not have cancer, there will be no reaction and such was the case with my mother and I on the moles we applied the salve to. My daughter, on the other hand, had a mole. It wasnt discolored, didnt hurt her, it just happened to be the mole we decided to try the salve on. IT REACTED! The salve removed the entire mole within days. We had no idea she had skin cancer and I wonder if we even would have found out before it was too late. 

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Now, I WILL tell you, since this sucks the cancer out of your body, you will have a hole there. It can be small or large, it depends on how far the cancer has spread. There are "nightmare" stories about people being left with holes in their nose or face (which they would have had anyway with surgery to remove it). However, these people are cancer free and having cancer is the real nightmare. 

There are many testimonials online about this, but the most astonishing case is from this man here who had stage 4, MULTI-ORGAN cancer. He was dying. No treatment was available to him so he decided to try this salve. The next day he had an opening that was nickel size.  The Salve advanced into his body drawing pints of dissolved cancer cells in just 7 weeks. He is now cancer free and very much alive! This should have been world wide, front page news.

To buy his book which contains pictures and his journey, click the picture on the right or click HERE


If you have a form of bone or brain cancer, I recommend Bloodroot Capsules. Capsules will shrink the cancer in your body. 

For those, Click HERE


On July 7, 2018, I was informed that I have breast cancer.  

I am actually GRATEFUL for this opportunity.

Since becoming a spiritual teacher, I am teaching others about more natural healing remedies and Im especially focusing on cancer. No one needs to ever die from cancer and one of the evil's in this world is that natural treatments are being suppressed. I will be using a bloodroot black salve on my right breast and no other treatment. This salve was $25 (I bought Deep Tissue salve from Alpha Omega Labs. I am not affiliated with them in any way) and it will draw the tumors out of my breast. I have seen this work on others and it will work on me.

The reason I am grateful is that everyone on here will see this work and I will be able to prove to non-believers that natural cures are being suppressed. Since I know several people with cancer and its highly likely that all of you know someone with cancer or have had this yourself, Its possible I can help save another life-and I am grateful for that. 

I will post updates and pictures below. 

July 8th, 2018: Picture #1 is 20 hours after my first black salve application. You can see tiny blisters forming on the skin. This is what black salve will do if it comes into contact with cancerous cells. Pictures #2 & #3 are another 48 hours after my second application. I will leave this salve on for the duration (some has rubbed off on its own). You can see several white areas forming.

This is the cancer cells being drawn to the surface . As of now, I am taking ibuprofen and nothing else. I did experience some stabbing pains (also referred to as "pulling") for about 24 hours but that has stopped and the area is just sore. I am still able to do everything I was doing before. 

July 11th, 2018:  Yesterday I was completely exhausted and felt very run down.  This is normal. Stabbing pains in my breast had stopped (very grateful for that, lol). Today I feel much more energetic and just noticed that my daily headaches stopped once I started on the black salve (not sure if they are related, but Ill take it!) Today my breast is sore all the way through. Very tender and hurts to press on it. I know its definitely working!

Day 10

July 18, 2018; 

 3rd and final application of Black Salve last night. After an hour it felt like acid had been poured on it. VERY painful now- BUT I know it working!! Cancer cells are really beginning to be seen (yellow areas). 

1st Pic: Day 12- Some of the salve has rubbed off. You can see a small tumor ready to come out in the upper right. 

2nd Pic: Day 15- Small tumor came out. The pain is the worst at this point but is bearable with just Aleve. You can see how red my skin is! Ouch!

3rd Pic: Day 17- All tumors have come out. There were 5 in total. The yellow arrows are clean, bloodless holes where the tumors came out. The 2 blue arrows show a small bit of cancer left that I will remove by re-salving a tiny area.

4th Pic: Day 17- 3 tumors came out when changing my bandage

5th Pic: Day 24- I have healed quite nicely! =)

August 27th, 2018: I had my follow up mammogram and sonogram. I saw them measuring areas, so I took note of the locations. I was told that I just had 3 small calcifications left and I was cancer free.........I decided to test all 3 areas for myself and....I got reactions. I wonder how many people have been sent home with a cancer free status not having any idea that cancer is still there.

Picture #1 is AFTER I was sent home cancer free.  This is the first area they measured the "calcification". 

Picture #2 is 2 days later. Tumor is to the surface.

Picture #3 is the tumor that came out.

Picture #4 Septemeber 11th, 2018: 3 days after salving the second area they measured.

Picture #5 September 16th, 2018: My second application over the 2nd area. A lot more cancer is coming to the surface then I expected. This area has been quite painful.

Picture #1 September 20th, 2018: 2 large tumors are to the surface and are starting to release. These are the last tumors to be removed.

Picture #2 & #3 September 21, 2018: Both tumors are out. 

I am officially cancer free! The entire process took 2 1/2 months, removed 10 tumors and all I bought was 1 jar of salve for $25.  (The salve I used was Deep Tissue Bloodroot Black Salve from Alpha Omega Labs)

The Rife Meathod

In the 1950's, Dr. Rife discovered two cancer viruses and the frequencies which destroys them. This has been expanded upon and you can now used to treat almost everything within 90 days.. **I will say that if you are facing cancer or another serious issue, I would not rely 100% on this. I do, however, recommend this for depression, anxiety and the like as opposed to prescription medication. If you have cancer and decide to use traditional medicine to treat it, I highly recommend you add this method to your treatment program. 

Frequencies & Links

727HZ is a primary Rife Frequency, and is commonly used to treat: Abdominal inflammation; Abscesses; Acidosis; Acne; Actinomycosis; Adenoids; Adhesions; AIDS; Alcoholism; Allergy; Alopecia; Amenorrhea; Anal itch; Aneurism; Angina; Angina pectoris; Ankylosing spondylitis; Antiseptic effect, general; Apoplexy; Appendicitis; Appetite, lack of; Aranthae; Arteriosclerosis; Arthritis; Arthritis, muscles and tendons; Arthritis, rheumatoid; Asthma; Asthma, alternate; Ataxia; Athletes Foot; Autointoxication; Bacillus infections; Backache; Back pain; Bacterial infection; Bed wetting; Bedsores; Biliousness; Bites, insect; Bladder; Blood; Blood cleanser, cancer; Blood cleanser, plasma; Blood diseases; Blood poisoning; Blood pressure; Bone disease, periodontal disease; Bone trauma (cuts, fractures); Breast, fibroid cysts; Bronchitis; Bruises; Bubonic plague; Burns; Butterfly Lupus; Cancer; Cancer (general); carcinoma; leukemia; pain; Cancrum oris; Candida; Candida; Cataract, Catarrh; Cerebral Palsy; Cerebrospinal trouble; Cervicitis; Chankeroid Ulcers; Chemical sensitivity; Chicken Pox; Cholera; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Cold, head or chest; Cold & Flu; Colic; Conjunctivitis; Constipation; Contractions (arrests, discharges); Convulsions; Corns (in feet); Coryza; Costalgia; Cramping and nausea; Cramps; Crohn's disease; Cuts; Cystic fibrosis; Cystitis, chronic; Dandruff, scales; Deafness; Dental foci; Diabetes; Diabetes, secondary; Diabetes, associated infection; Diabetic toe ulcer; Diarrhea; Digestion; Diphtheria; Disc, herniated; Dropsy; Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation); Ear, ache; Eczema, skin; Eczema, vascular and lung; Edema; Emphysema; Enuresis; Epididymitis; Epilepsy; Epilepsy, fits; Epstein Barr Virus; Epstein Barr Virus, secondary; Erysipelas (skin inflammation); Eustachian tube, inflammation; Eye, disorders; Facial paralysis; Fever; Fibroma; Fissures; Fistula Dentalis; Fistula ulcer; Flatulence; Foot blisters; Fractures, bones; Frostbite; Frozen shoulder; Fungus, general; Fungus, infection; Fungus, streptothrix; Furunkulosis; Gallbladder; Gallbladder, dystonia with osteitis; Gallstones; Gangrene, general; Gastritis and flatulence; General program; General program, comprehensive; Glands, enlarged; Goiter; Gout, swelling; Gravel deposits in urine; Graves disease I; Hair loss; Halitosis; Hallucinations; Hay fever; Head injury followup; Headaches, due to parasites; Headaches, due to toxicity; Heart, tonic; Heartburn, chronic; Hemorrhoids; Hepatitis; Hernia; Herpes; Hip pain; Hives (urticaria); Hoarseness; Hot flashes (complications); Hydrocele; Hyperia; Hypotension; Hypoxia; Impotence; Infantile paralysis (polio); Infection; Infertility; Influenza; Insomnia; Intercostal neuralgia; Intestinal problems, colon; Intestines, inflammation; Intestines, large; Irritable bowel syndrome; Itching, pruritis; Itching, toes, feet, & anus; Kidney stones; Knee, joint pain; Knee, pain; Larynx; Lassitude; Leprosy; Leukocytogenesis, stimulates; Leukoplakia; Liver, enlargement; Locomotor dysfunction, convulsions, spasticity; Locomotor dysfunction, incoordination; Lumbago; Lung, infection; Lupus, vulgaris; Lymph glands; Lymph stasis, secondary; Malabsorption syndrome; Measles; Meniere's disease; Meningitis, tertiary; Menstrual problems; Multiple sclerosis; Mumps tertiary; Muscular dystrophy; Nausea; Nephritis; Nephrosis; Nerve disorders; Numbness; Oral lesions; Orchitis; Orchitis; Osteomyelitis; Otitis externa; Ovarian disorders; Ovaries; Pain relief, infection; Pancreas; Pancreatic insufficiency; Paralysis; Parasites (general), ringworm; Pelvic disorders; Pelvic inflammatory disease; Pericarditis; Periodontal disease; Peritonitis; Pertussis; Phagocyross, stimulates; Pharyngitis; Placenta (to expel/afterbirth); Pleurisy; Pneumonia; Pneumoniae, bronchial; Polio; Polyp; Prophylaxis; Prostate, Prostate, malignant tumor; Prostatitus; Psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis; Psoriasis; Pyorrhea; Radiation burns; Raynauds disease; Recovery; Retrovirus variants; Rhinitis; Scarlet Fever; Sciaticor schias; Sciatica; Sexual diseases; Sexual dysfunction; Shell shock; Skin trouble, Smallpox; Sneezing; Sore throat, infection; Stiff shoulder; Stomach disorders; Streptococcus, Stroke, follow up; Stye; Surgery, pre-op and post-op; Swelling; Tetanus, Tonsillitis; Toothache; neuralgia; Tuberculosis; Ulcers; Urethritis; Urticaria; Vitiligo; Warts; Wound healing;

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10000HZ is used to help treat:

Abdominal pain; Acidosis; Actinomyces Israelii; Actinomycosis; Alcoholism; Allergy; Alopecia; Amenorrhea; Anal itch; Anaphiaxis; Anosmia; Antiseptic effect, Appetite; Arteriosclerosis; Arthritis; Arthritis, muscles and tendons; Arthritis, rheumatoid; Aura, strengthen; Autointoxication; Backache; Backache with spasms; Bed wetting; Biliousness; Blood pressure, hypertension; Bone regeneration; Bone trauma (cuts, fractures); Bruises; Burns; Cancer (general program 1,2,3,4, maintenance); Cataract; Cataract, non-diabetic; Cerebral Palsy; Cerebrospinal trouble; Chronic fatigue syndrome; Cold, head or chest; Colitis; Contractions (arrests, discharges); Convulsions; Corns (in feet); Costalgia; Cramps; Deafness; Detox assist; Diabetes; Diabetes, Disc, herniated; Dizziness; Dropsy; Eczema, skin; Edema; Electrolyte (improve); Enuresis; Epilepsy; Erysipelas; Eye, disorders; Eye, droop of lid; Facial Cramps; Facial paralysis; Falling hair; Fatigue; Fissures; Food poisoning; Foot blisters; Fractures, bones; Frigidity; Frozen shoulder; Gallstones; General malady; General prophylaxis; General program; Glands, enlarged; Glandular fever, parathyroid, thyroid; Gout, swelling; Hair loss; Hallucinations; Hangover; Headaches, general; Hemorrhage; Hernia; Hiccoughs; Hot flashes (complications); Hydrocele; Hyperia; Hyperosmia; Hypertension; Hypochondrium, upper abdomen; Hypothyroid; Hypoxia; Impotence, Increasing height, Influenza, Injection, allergies; Insomnia; Intelligence, clarity; Intoxication; Joints, inflammation; Kidney stones; Kidney tonic, general; Knee, pain; Locomotor dysfunction, incoordination; Lumbago; Lupus, vulgaris; Lymph glands, plugged/overloaded; Lymph glands, stimulate; Lymph stasis, secondary; Mental concentration; Mental disorders; Motion sickness; Multiple sclerosis, Mumps tertiary; Muscles; Muscles, tonic; Nephritis; Nephrosis; Nerve disorders; Neuralgia; Nicotine poison; Numbness; Orchitis, secondary; Pain relief; Paralysis, Parasites, Plosis; Polio, Prophylaxis, general; Radiation burns; Retrovirus variants; Rheumatism; Sciatica; Sex polarity balance; Spleen, enlarged secondary; Stammering; Sterility; Stiff shoulder; Streptococcus pyrogenes; Streptothrix; Stroke, follow up; Stye; Sunstroke; Swelling; Taste, none; Tooth decay, ++...

20HZ is commonly associated with progressive healing and used to treat: Abdominal inflammation; Acidosis; Actinomyces Israelii; Addictions; Adenoids; Adrenal stimulant; Alopecia; Amenorrhea; Anal itch; Aneurism; Angina pectoris; Anosmia; Apoplexy; Appendicitis; Appetite, lack of; Arteriosclerosis; Arthritis; Arthritis, muscles and tendons; Asthma; Ataxia; Athletes Foot; Aura, strengthen; Autointoxication; Bacterial infection; Bedsores; Bladder and prostate complaints; Blood; Blood poisoning; Blood pressure, low; Brain, general; Bronchitis; Bubonic plague; Bubonic plague , secondary infections; Bunion pain; Cancer; Cancrum oris; Candida, Cataract, non-diabetic; Catarrh; Cervicitis; Chicken Pox; Chicken Pox, secondary; Cold, head or chest; Cold & Flu; Colic; Colon problems, general; Conjunctivitis; Constipation; Contractions (arrests, discharges); Corns (in feet); Coughing; Cramping and nausea; Cuts; Cystitis, Dandruff, scales; Deafness; Diabetes; Diphtheria; Dizziness; Down's syndrome palliative; Drug Addiction; Dyspepsia; Ear, general; Eczema, skin; Edema; Electrolyte (improve); Emphysema; Epididymitis; Epilepsy; Epilepsy, fits; Erysipelas (skin inflammation); Eye, disorders; Fainting; Fascia; Fatigue; Fever, sunstroke; Fibromyalgia; Fissures; Frigidity (female); Fungus, general; Fungus, infection; Furunkulosis; Gallbladder; Gallbladder, dystonia with osteitis; Gallstones; Gangrene, general; Gastritis and flatulence; General prophylaxis; General program, EMEM main frequencies; Gingivitis; Glands, adenoid; Glands, enlarged; Glandular fever (adrenals, parathyroid, pineal, pituitary, thymus, thyroid), Gout, swelling; Gravel deposits in urine; Graves disease I; Hair loss; Halitosis; Hallucinations; Hay fever; Headaches; Heart, general; Heart, tonic; Heartburn, chronic; Hemorrhoids; Hepatitis "C"; Herpes, zoster secondary; Hiccoughs; Hip pain; Hyperosmia; Hypertension; Hypochondrium, upper abdomen; Hypotension; Hypothyroid; Impotence; Infection, Influenza, Intelligence, clarity of thought; Intercostal neuralgia; Irritable bowel syndrome; Itching, pruritis; Jaundice; Kidney insufficiency; Kidney tonic, general; Knee, joint pain; Knee, pain; Larynx; Lassitude; Leprosy, secondary infection; Leukocytogenesis, stimulates; Locomotor dysfunction, incoordination; Lung, infection; Malaria; Measles; Meningitis, tertiary; Mental disorders; Moles; Motion sickness; Multiple sclerosis, Mumps tertiary; Muscles; Nausea; Nephritis; Nephrosis; Nerves; Nose; Ovarian disorders; Pain relief; Pain relief, bunion; Pancreatic insufficiency; Paralysis; Parasites....

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Apricot Seeds

Jason Vale, got cancer so he began researching 'natural cure's and found that Apricot seeds could help treat Cancer. So he began treating himself with the seeds and it was working great. The problems really started when he started telling others about the treatment and calling it a "cure". The FDA hammered the guy and I think he was sentenced to 20 years!

Do you see the fraud here? This guy cures his own cancer and had like 40,000 happy customers buying Apricot seeds and Vitamin B-17 but THAT'S a problem for the new world order FDA because they only exist to shut down the competition to the Rockefeller Big Pharma interests. Our FDA will go into a health food store selling raw milk with guns drawn like it's a meth lab BUT they won't stop Aspartame, a known neurotoxin from being put in thousands of products now and NOT being labelled! It's all a big con job! Our FDA works for Big Pharma and the head of FDA usually comes right from a Big Pharma company which should be against the law but happens all the time!