The Q Movement

I decided to address this on my website since Im getting a large number of emails asking if this is legit.  Before I get into this, there are 2 things I want to make very clear:

#1. I am not a huge fan of Trump.

#2. I always keep an open mind and do not lock into only 1 ideology. This helps me to look at all facts and proof from a neutral position.

So, for those who dont know what Q is, the QAnon movement details a supposed secret plot by  U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters to take down the "deep state". The theory began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by someone using the name Q. Trump supporters and religious fanatics flocked to this movement which, to be 100% honest, is why I stayed far away from it. I kept my eye on it, but didnt jump into it. 

Fast forward to now. Someone I know and trust who is in the government in the UK has verified that this movement is true. So, I set out to dive into this thing and I needed to see some proof and here is what I found.

#1. While the Q movement didnt start until 2017, the "good guys" (these will be people of light/starseeds in government and military around the world) have been working since the 1950's to try and get rid of this deep state (which we all know is real). This whole time they have been waiting to find someone who could run for president that would not become corrupted, someone that has his own money and couldnt be bought, someone that was tough and could take on the death threats he would get, etc. They asked Donald Trump to run for president. He declined several times before finally accepting. And I do truly believe that he was the ideal person for this job. Do I agree with the things he does? No. But, I do agree that not many others could have done this. 

#2. Since becoming president, the media (since all mainstream media is owned by the same deep state people) has done nothing but railroad Trump and even outright lied about things they have said. (Example: Trump is racist. This whole idea that Trump is racist came about by an "anonymous source" saying that Trump said some nasty things. SEVEN others who were with Trump the day in question all said he never said anything like this)- and thats all it ever was. They also neglect to report on all the good he has done. Specifically, arresting more human traffickers then any other president in history and instead of cashing his paycheck as POTUS, he donates all of it to charity).  I dont recommend paying attention to anything the media says about Trump. The deep state was counting on Hilary Clinton to win and were shocked when she didnt.  The entire impeachment was to try and make sure he was not re-elected in November.  I hope everyone has seen the proof of this. The FBI released documents saying this was Hillary and Obama. 

#3. The Q posts were traced back to the American Department of Justice.

#4. The Q followers believe that Q is JFK jr. Now...right here I was like...yaaaa...he died 20 years ago. Well, dont be so fast to dismiss this like I did. JFK was murdered and no, it wasnt Lee Harvey Oswald (who was arrested and then coincidentally killed 2 days later). He was the scapegoat. JFK jr (and everyone else) knew this deep state had murdered him due to the public speech he made about doing away with these secret societies and deep state. He was going to be the one to take them down. They killed him before that could happen. So, JFK jr, knowing what really  happened, likely vowed to do what his father couldnt.  JFK jr was flying the plane that he, his wife and her sister were on that crashed on July 16, 1999. After looking into this more, I believe they faked their death's and went into hiding in order to deal with this deep state issue. (After all, they cant kill people who are already dead, right?)

JFK Jr's Memorial

This is an arial view of JFK JR's memorial. Q seems fitting.

JFK Jr Hint?

This video is Trump on Larry King in 1999. He talks about running for president. At minute 37:07, Trump gives Larry King a letter from JFK Jr to Trump. Larry reads it out loud. Larry reads the date the letter was written which is July 19th, 1999. -JFK Jr died on July 16th, 1999. No one seemed to catch this.

Appearing in Public?

The top and bottom pictures on the far left are of JFK jr and his wife. The top and bottom pictures on the far right are of a man and a women people believe to be him and his wife. Keep in mind that its been 20 years. These 2 people started showing up at Trump rallys and have been seen speaking to him directly.  I couldnt deny the resemblance. 

4th Of July 2020

Trump was at Mt. Rushmore for the July 4th holiday.  Q had hinted that JFK Jr would show himself on this day. The picture on the right is someone standing on Washington's head as 2 B1B Lancers flew over head. JFK's secret service code name was lancer.  It is believed this was JFK Jr standing on Mt. Rushmore. 

Grandchildren singing "Timber"

This video was released around March 25th. It depicts JFK's grandchildren singing "Timber". Very interesting!

My source says that the Federal reserve is now out of the "deep state's" control. This is a big deal. So what do I mean by "Deep State"?  Collusion and cronyism exist within the world's political system and military and constitute a hidden government and specialized black op military groups within the legitimately elected government. -Basically, for example, you had Obama as the president. Well, the night he became president, Bush sr had a 2 hour meeting with him that left Obama visibly shaken. Obama was told he would do what he was told to do. Bush said if he didnt, his family would be tortured and killed as he watched. He actually said this to the president. So he along with Hilary Clinton and many other government officials, military officials, royal families etc. would be members of the deep state. BUT, they are not the heads. I address this on another page, but you see what Im saying. These very evil people are responsible for human trafficking (including children), distributing drugs to inner cities, keeping free energy and healing technologies from us, adding poison to our food, air, water and medications. 

So you see why they need to be taken down. Do you really think Hitler acted on his own? Nope. He was chosen by Deep State members in Europe.

This is one of the reasons why we are here. With the virus happening, hopefully, the majority of you can see that the shift is starting. many people will die from this virus. Keep in mind these are souls who chose to leave at this time or, they are NCP's. (Non- character players. This refers to those people who have no soul. These people are part of the matrix hive mind and cant be woken up and are usually just in the background that you do not interact with).

This is the time when you need to understand what is happening, observe from a higher perspective. Things must crash and burn in order to be re-built.  Your family and friends will need support and information at some point, because the confusion will be high. Comfort them as best you can and know that this MUST happen. Its now or never!

I have been asked by many to create Q jewelry

I made some gemstone Q pendants. The Red has Red Corral Stones, the Blue has Lapis Lazuli stones and the White is Moonstone.