The Negative Agenda & Human Cloning

Im going to start this page by asking that you do not read it UNTIL you have read ALL my other pages. I ask this for 2 reasons.

#1. It might not fit together and make sense without the other information-and-

#2. This information will be traumatizing. The information on the other pages is easing you into more heinous stuff. 

Now, if you have read my other pages, lets get to it.

As I start this page Im very tired and still feel traumatized. I did not sleep the last 2 nights and have been very upset. Over the last year I started researching the cloning subject, but I had no idea how deep it went until I came across a website and started reading. Im sure most of you have seen the 'malfunctioning' videos on you tube. If not, I will post a link later on this page. The videos show clones malfunctioning. This is because everything the negative agenda has done is breaking down. So- that is good news!

From this information I have been able to piece together other parts of the puzzle and things are making much more sense. And the rundown is this: After the fall of Atlantis, our higher selves were put into a kind of deep sleep and remain trapped by the evil that is here. It uses our lightbodies as its battery. A fraction of our soul was pushed into matter (human bodies). We are fully and completely trapped and so is our higher self. The ONLY way to free ourselves is to raise our vibration high enough to bring our higher self down into our physical body. That will free it. After that, our higher selves will know how to free itself from the human body. 

Using this technology that was used to fraction our consciousness and put it inside a body, the negative agenda (if you have read my other pages, you know who this consists of) is able to clone themselves (and others) and at night while the body sleeps, their consciousness is moved into their clones. This way they can meet in secret and participate in their truly horrific behavior. 

Unfortunately, they are able to clone and do this to anyone. 

Donald Marshall was born into an Illuminati family. One of the requirements of an Illuminati family is to sell off one of their children to the negative agenda. When Donald was 5 years old, his mother did this to him. His story is what they used him for and what he witnessed. To this day, his consciousness is still taken from his body when he sleeps to be put into his clone. While in his clone is is tortured all night long.

Donald Marshall reports that if you want to be famous or make it big in Hollywood, you have to agree to come to the cloning center every night and do the elites bidding. There are no exceptions. Most successful actors, models and musicians agree to be sex slaves in order to service members of the Illuminati, who are always looking for fresh, young talent. If you show promise, they will approach you and invite you to join them, with an offer you can't refuse. And if you do refuse, Marshall has seen times when they will take the refusal as an insult and kill you. (this is what happened to Amy Winehouse. In her last interview she states she was asked to join and she said no) Right after, she "overdosed".

At first, the new members are brought to the cloning center about once a week, where they think they've joined a global organization that aspires to maintain social order and contributes much good in the world. They think, as members of the Illuminati, that they're in the power club for the elite, elevated and privileged. Marshall claims that they don't see what else goes on there on different nights. And once the celebs find out what kind of "club" they're in, they wish they weren't famous anymore. Marshall explains that then even famous people don't want to be famous anymore, they just want to stay alive. Paul Walker and Michael Jackson are perfect examples of this. They both -too late-realized what they had done and wanted out. Paul Walker was killed in a "car accident" and Michael Jackson (after speaking out) was killed via "overdose".

I want to note here that there is information out there that tries to discredit Donald (as they do with all whistleblowers) but understand, I have checked this out and his information fits with all other credible information.

And since you know by now, the negative agenda (by universal law) MUST tell us the truth as to what they are doing. And how do they do it? Usually via movies. I recommend the movies "The Island", "Surrogates" and the tv show "Westworld".

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