The Future

We are very close to depleting our resources and ruining our planet. The negative agenda know this.

Two things can happen in a time of crisis. First, people can give up in despair and resolve themselves to die. Unfortunately this will occur because there will be people that subconsciously chose to leave before the shift occurs. Or the survivors ban together and fight.

 There will still be some earth changes that will occur naturally as well as manufactured disasters. There is a virus agenda that is unfolding at this time. Our water will become contaminated, disease and starvation will kill off

a great number of the population because our crops will stop growing due to soil contamination and animals will start dying off

 and just when we think all hope is lost, an alien race (them) will come to "save us from ourselves". Humanity will see them as an ally and let them take over.

 IF THIS HAPPENS, the human race will be wiped out and until then, will be their slaves. 

This is the way that the negative agenda will get the permission to rule over the Earth and over humanity out in the open. Many of our politicians already know about this plan and are in support of it since they dont know the depths of the evil behind it. 

After their takeover, many people who are still alive will be killed for biological resources and the rest will be workers. -Thats it. Plain and simple. 

So not only are we here to help dismantle the matrix, but we are here to prevent this from happening. If you are not yet involved in environmental causes, I suggest you become involved. Starseeds have done great things for the environment and more great things will happen, but this needs to be global and FAST! 

It is important to learn to grow your own food with organic soil and heirloom seeds. If you have the means to go solar, thats a good idea too. Recycle...always! Go green as much as you can and spread the news of this importance. 

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