The Auric Field

"We refer to the field of energy around the body simply as the aura. Most people do not realize that they have a second skin — the aura is an energy skin that protects and shields their energy system just as physical skin protects their inner organs.

Imagine having no skin. What would happen? All your organs would spill out onto the ground. Your veins and arteries would sag and bulge.

You would be defenseless against dirt, germs, and viruses. And, perhaps worst of all, you would look pretty frightening! Your skin is a highly efficient protective layer between you and the external world. It holds all of your organs in place, it shields you, and it filters out foreign matter that could be dangerous or irritating to your inner organs.

Like physical skin, the aura should be cleansed and is permeated with natural disease-fighting chemistry, and it hosts the sensory communications of the nervous system.

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This second skin is the boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of your environment; an illuminated wrap of life-force medicine; and a subtle nervous system receiving and sending energy messages. This energy skin is your aura. Every living being has an aura.

The human aura field is distributed around the body like an ovoid, spherical, or egg-shaped cocoon of energy. Clairvoyantly, it appears as a shape with different qualities in different places. You may see the boundary as diffuse, well defined, smooth, or jagged (you may not see or feel the aura’s separate, interior layers unless you focus your attention on them).

You can perceive the aura clairvoyantly as color, brightness, darkness, shape, and density. You can hear the aura clairaudiently as tone, sound, music, frequency, and vibration. You can feel the aura’s energy using biotelemetry (the detection and measurement of a human or animal condition, activity, or function such as the heartbeat or body temperature) and psychometry (temperature changes, pulsation, tingling, pressure, or magnetism).

When you are feeling healthy, self-confident, calm, and grounded, your aura is clean and healthy. A healthy aura is indicated by a cocoon of energy surrounding and extending out from the body at least one foot in all directions. This positive protection field is composed of bright colors, strong vibrations, pure tones, and a full, smooth, egg-shaped boundary.

When you are sick, depressed, sad, or unsure of yourself, your aura needs cleansing and is closer to your body. The colors are most likely to be dull, murky, and dark. The frequency is slow and erratic. There may be breaks or tears in the boundary. And the shape could be bumpy and distorted. All of these indicate that your aura needs healing and is not serving as a positive protection field between you and the energy of others and your environment.

An unprotective aura can be a cause of illness and distress for sensitive people. Without the natural filtering system of a positive protection field surrounding your body, you are open to environmental influences.

The frequency of different energies can coexist and overlap nondestructively in the same space; take, for example, radio and television frequencies. Much of the energy in your environment — mental, physical, and emotional — may be positive, but much of it is negative.

Disease In The Aura

Your aura acts as a reception and relay network for subtle energies. It delivers energy messages to the chakra system, which translates them into hormonal, nerve, and cellular activity in the physical body. In general, the aura tends to hold present (rather than past) thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and interactions between yourself and your environment. As the world first interconnects with your auric field, the freshest impressions, communications, and intuitive hits are woven into it. As an early-warning system, your aura also detects energy disturbance not yet manifested. This aspect of the aura’s function is a preview of the future that can be utilized as a preventive tool.

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Disease in the physical, emotional, or mental body is often preceded by a disturbance in the auric energy, or, if it originates within the physical body, it registers in the aura at the same time or oftentimes before it manifests in a person’s conscious mind or physical body. I had a patient in the medical clinic years ago who was in good health and having her annual health checkup. The clinic doctor asked me to energetically scan her, and I picked up a reproductive-system problem in her aura. None of the medical tests confirmed my aura reading. Three weeks later she returned to the clinic because of uterine hemorrhaging. Your aura is an early-warning system for disease. By paying attention to such forewarnings, you can take preventive aura healing action, whether it is medical, psychological, or energetic.

A grounded, energetically cleansed aura allows you to sense when energy is being directed at you from near or far, and gives you the choice to accept it or cleanse it out of your space. This puts people and situations at a healthy distance from you, thus allowing them less power to unbalance you. With a grounded, healed aura, you will feel safer and more secure, and the quality of all your grounding anchor points will improve. Your aura, when functioning effectively, acts as a lightning rod for negative energy or thoughts that enter your space. If your aura is not protecting you well, you might be hit by someone’s unhealthy energy transference, or you might feel that you are being verbally attacked when someone is simply transmitting information. With a grounded aura, these undesirable intrusions into your system will be intercepted at the outer edge of your aura and automatically grounded out of your personal field and down into the earth. With practice, your aura will become an autonomic system of protection.

The human aura is created by the action of life-force energy within the body as it resonates through the chakras and the physical and subtle anatomy. This life force radiates from the body, forming a cocoon of energy — the auric field. This human corona is similar to an electromagnetic field radiating from an electrical device. Auras have been observed surrounding living systems from ancient times through contemporary investigations. Among those who work with the subtle-energy body, the aura is a universally accepted phenomenon.

Depictions of the aura colors can be found in the religious, mystical, and spiritual art and literature of almost every culture. It is often shown as a halo of light or circular symbol around the head or as a corona around the body. Symbolically, the luminous halo or corona signifies purity, saintliness, or enlightenment, and is a metaphor for spirituality. In particular, it may indicate a deity — a god or goddess. The aura field indicates wisdom and intelligence at work within the haloed person.

The aura is a seamless energetic skin with internal patterned layers or sheaths. These sheaths are like a matryoshka — a Russian nesting doll — as each layer surrounds another to form a whole. Another visual metaphor is an onion, with a smooth exterior and a neatly arranged interior of concentric layers. The life-force energy emissions from the seven major chakras create the seven circular layers or sheaths of your aura.

The aura is an energetic weave of life force moving through the seven chakras. This electromagnetic action of the chakras generates seven distinct layers.

This auric web of light is distinct from the bioelectrical state of the physically based energy of the body. The entire energy body radiates with this spiritually based energy and pulses its currents around the physical body like sheaths of light that create your aura color signature. A cleansed aura is like a signature piece of clothing — unique and individual.

In laboratory research, Dr. Valerie Hunt and Rosalyn Bruyere discovered that each color in a test subject’s aura was associated with a different wave-pattern recorded at the seven chakra points on their skin. This confirmed the existence of the chakra system, as well as the extended subtle energies emitted by it. Those subtle energies were found to occupy an extended frequency range distributed around the body — the aura. Measuring bodily radiations with electromagnetic detectors, Professor William Tiller plotted a seven-domain spectrum around the body. He described each domain as unique and able to carry several different radiations, not just one. I interpret this as the ability of the aura layers to hold multiple messages within each layer. As a metaphor, an email inbox holds many messages from different people together in one place.

Tiller calls these fields “multiple auric sheaths around the body.” The seven layers of the aura operate as antenna systems that relate to the seven chakras and the physical body via the endocrine glands. If there is a disturbance in a particular auric layer, a response to this disturbance will manifest in the physical body and require auric healing and cleansing to correct; when the disturbance originates in the physical body, a response will be mirrored in the aura.

The ability to locate such a disturbance in either a particular layer of the aura or a specific body area is a useful diagnostic and healing tool in the practice of energy medicine. This internal dowsing of body reactions opens an access window to information at subtle-energy levels, leading to enhanced intuition in both daily life and medical diagnostics and guideposts as to where to start when cleansing the aura.

The Seven Layers Of The Aura

A considerable number of consistent, reliable mystical and scientific reports provide evidence that layers of electromagnetic energy exist within the human aura. The seven layers of the aura generally correlate with the energies of the seven chakras, with some differences and additional functions. In this section, I describe the function of each auric layer, which you should visualize as a three-dimensional holograph, and provide additional information about that layer. I begin with the sheath of energy next to your physical body and move outward to the seventh layer, which is farthest away from your body, at the edge of your auric field.

The first auric layer, closest to the body, indicates the immediate health or disease of the physical body and may indicate the need for aura cleansing and healing. For most people, this layer seems to be the easiest one to see and feel. This layer is the auric anchor to the physical earth, which metaphorically and literally shows the strength of the life force. When you are ungrounded or “out of your body,” this layer is diffused or does not hug your skin. In people who are about to die, whether by accident or disease, I usually read this first auric layer as a dull, flat black, devoid of any pattern or movement. Conversely, I had a client who had a brilliant, full, sapphire-blue first layer, which I saw gave him great physical prowess. I later learned that he was an Olympic gymnast. A healthy first layer supports the vitality of the immune system as well.

The second layer of the aura flows concentrically and holographically around the first layer. This second layer is an emotional security blanket, wrapping the body with a feeling of safety and well-being. When this layer of the aura reads as healthy, your inner relationship with your sexuality is harmonious, which gives balance to your sexual expression with others. This is the layer where you display your feelings of attraction or rejection toward others — your energetic pheromone! When people are engaged in chaotic emotional or sexual relationships, this layer appears riddled with pebbled patterns or ripped lines indicating the need for aura cleansing and healing. I once had a client who was happy in her profession as a prostitute; her second aura layer read as radiant with a rainbow of pleasurable colors. Another client, who was experiencing an agonizing divorce, had bloody rips in her second layer, from her angry husband. A healthy second layer supports a balanced sexual identity and emotional body.

The third layer of the aura displays how you interface with your environment and society in general, as well as your expression of personal power in the world. A low pulse or diffuse layer shows a tentative, weak, or introverted interaction with the world and indicates the need for aura healing and cleansing. I often read this aura layer as huge and gaily loud in performers, and delicate and pristinely quiet in monks and nuns. A healthy third layer shows a clear, purposeful attitude about yourself as a participant in your environment.

The fourth layer of the aura is where people display their hearts. It indicates whether they are humanitarians or Scrooges, beatific souls or miserly louses. This layer indicates the interactive emotions of your primary relationships with friends, partners, coworkers, and pets. Often the most recent interactions with others are held in living color in this layer.

I once had a client who had an image of a crocodile in this layer; I was confounded until she spoke excitedly about having spent the morning at an aquarium, where she had been lovingly watching a pool full of crocodiles. Because auric layers often report that which is about to transpire, I have sometimes seen in this layer the images of an impending divorce. A healthy fourth layer embodies and develops a heart-centered, compassionate disposition.

The fifth layer of the aura field indicates creative force and communication skills. This layer is a linking and transfer area, reflecting the transformation of spiritual perception and altruism into expressions of creativity and communication. Your satisfaction or disappointments with the creative forces in your life are displayed in this layer. When people are happy with their career choices, this is an ebullient and buoyant layer; those who are languishing in a boring occupation often have a sandpaper pattern, dull colors, and slow movement of energy through this layer and require aura cleansing and healing. I have read the aura of stellar speakers rainbowed with a glowing, burnished fifth layer while giving presentations. Conversely, timid people and those who do not trust their creative force have quite narrow bands of energy in this layer.

A healthy fifth layer contributes to embodied inspiration.

The sixth layer of the aura field is the immediate depiction of intuitive development and intelligence. This layer shows the development of the doorway to the subtle realms of the world — the mystic’s portal to what most people call the unseen world. When this mystical sense is integrated, the sixth layer is broad and full of light. Those who perceive the world from a linear and analytical viewpoint, on the other hand, have a small, brittle-patterned layer which indicates the need for aura cleansing and healing. A convicted felon who I observed in a police lineup had a shriveled, black sixth layer. I had the privilege of reading the aura of and studying with a Hindu master who had a crystalline, diamond-blue sixth layer. A healthy sixth layer supports heightened intuitive perception and respect for life.

The seventh layer of the aura is the cloth woven of your spirituality.

Spirituality is your connection to God, Goddess, the Divine, Source — whatever that means to you. Highly developed, evolved individuals radiate a notable light in this layer, an almost ethereal glow. This layer, coupled with the sixth layer, is what most people see around the head and describe as the “halo of light” or “corona of color.” Most young children have the light of this spiritual glow from birth, but unfortunately it diminishes with immersion in the physical and mental world and indicates the need for healing and cleansing of the aura. Your aura glow and your connection to the Divine can be cultivated and strengthened by filling this layer with your spiritual light.

Auric Health

You are enmeshed in an ebb and flow of energy exchange with everyone and everything around you. Every living organism is born, lives, and dies in a sea of electromagnetic radiation, and all of life has evolved in an environment consisting of electromagnetic energy. As a result, the interactions that take place between living organisms and electromagnetic energy are crucial to life. To deny these interactions would be to deny the fundamental interaction upon which every living thing on the planet depends. The pulsing magnetic fields of the earth, cosmos, machines, and creatures all affect the energy field of your aura and, in turn, your body, mind, and spirit.

The acupuncture practice of Chinese medicine deals with the invisible levels of energy, also known as the auric field. A skilled acupuncturist reads the pulses of the physical body to determine whether there is an imbalance in the counterpart of the energy body. The physician then rebalances the energy flow to prevent physical or mental disease, effectively, cleansing and healing the aura. A noteworthy piece of history: in ancient China, patients paid doctors to keep them from getting sick. If they did fall ill, the doctors paid them. In Russia, acupuncture is used as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

Your aura is the mirror of your health and life. Like film imprinted with a light-produced image, your aura registers the intentions of your thoughts, moods, and actions. A living communication system, your aura sends information to the world around you and receives information from it. An aura reading shows what needs healing and cleansing.

A highly healthy aura nourishes us with a constant circulation of life force. It also protects us, because high-energy fields disintegrate energy that enters from lower-energy fields.

In order for your aura to act as positive protection and illuminated healing energy, it must be in a whole and healthy state of coherence.

When your aura is filled with life force, others will show respect for your boundaries. With a diagnostic scan, you can locate and heal aberrations in the field of your aura. With intention and affirmation, you can quickly revive the potent vitality of your aura’s protective qualities. You need not be in quiet meditation to practice aura diagnosis and healing; aura cleansing can and should be part of your practical daily awareness.

When you leave your home, the best health initiative is to walk into the outside world with a grounded, vibrant aura. Physical, mental, or emotional abuse of any kind — real or imagined; from within yourself or from your environment — can affect all of your subtle-energy systems when you are not being conscious. At times, your positive intentions may be pushed out of focus, and you may find yourself unprotected and affected by chaos from the world or ill intentions from other people.

Here is how to cleanse your aura, creating an aura of positive protection: 

First, affirm or visualize that your aura is entirely surrounding you and is grounded into the earth. If you are clairvoyant or clairsentient, scan for leaks in your aura; holes or tears indicate that someone is angry at or envious of you, and streaks of energy that are not of your aura’s color or pattern indicate invasive mental messages. If you are not, reflect on how you are feeling. 

 If you leave home feeling bright and happy, then find yourself feeling upset or gloomy without apparent cause, this can indicate a lack of aura boundary or body grounding, or perhaps that your attention is out of your body and not centered in your meditation sanctuary. The strength and fullness of your cleansed and healed aura protect your body and continually bathe it in healing life force; a lack of this constant state of healing provides an entry for dis-ease. Do not leave home without a vibrant, healthy cocoon of light surrounding you.

Your aura is your body halo. Your cleansed and healed aura is your protective energy skin; when it is compromised, you will often compensate with other ways to protect yourself.

Aura Cleansing and Protection Images

Play with some of the following aura protection visualizations and see what works for you to cleanse and heal your aura. Change the images when you are in different situations during your day.

+ A golden net

+ An arboretum

+ A clear crystal sphere

+ A rainbow of light

+ Spinning discs

+ Silver swords

+ A nurturing womb

+ Sounds — bells, drums, chants

+ A forest of grounded trees

+ A moss-covered rock

+ Symbols of love, compassion, and altruism

+ A luminescent white pearl

+ Gems and minerals

+ A mirror

+ A translucent bubble 

+ A waterfall

How It Feels When Your Aura Is…

In Harmony

+ Connected to inner self and spirit

+ Connected to others without merging Full of self-love

+ More present in your meditation sanctuary

+ Able to live authentically 

+Chakras in harmony

+ Enclosed, protected, and secure

+ Full of your own energy

+ Healthy emotional boundaries

+ Expansive, safe, and loving with others

+ Confident, friendly, and cheerful

+ Less internally defensive Complete; full of self

+ Harmonic, vibrant, and alive

+ Clothed, protected, and comfortable inside your body

+ Like a warm security blanket

+ Able to sense a clear inner voice

+ Able to sense someone staring at you

+ Able to tell when someone is behind you

+ Not anxious or agitated in crowds

+ Able to say no with ease and without guilt

+ Able to sense a subtle extension of skin nerve endings

+ Able to be in a situation that previously diminished your grounding

+ Receiving respectful communication from others

Out Of Harmony

+ Neglectful of self and spirit

+ Engaged in unhealthy lifestyle choices

+ Not healing yourself when you need it

+ Easily distracted; not present

+ Vulnerable, unsure, or afraid

+ Defensive or reactive

+ Responding inappropriately

+ Having difficulty containing feelings

+ Feeling unwanted energies in your space

+ Losing yourself in interactions with others

+ Easily invaded, judged, or not seen

+ Feeling exposed or raw

+ Primarily focused on protection

+ Drained by any interaction with others

+ Tired, grumpy or withdrawn

+ Needing to be alone; needing rest to rejuvenate

+ Anxious when interacting with others

+ Clenching muscles as a defensive gesture

+ Feeling fearful anticipation without cause

+ Exposed, vulnerable, or porous

+ Feeling pain or discomfort from the environment

+ Experiencing jolts of feelings unrelated to circumstances

+ Feeling scattered energy; “forward” and in your head

+ Vulnerable, unsure, or tentative

+ Unable to detect bad circumstances

+ Feeling discomfort when energies enter your space

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Aura:

+ Daily meditation and grounding practice

+ A nurturing home space

+ A harmonious work environment

+ Self-love, affirmations, and strong grounding

+ Exercise and nature walks

+ Being with healthy people and animals

+ Taking care of your body’s needs

+ A nutritious diet

+ Good thoughts; a positive outlook

+ Consciously intending an aura of light

+ Conscious breathing

+ Acts of kindness

+ Singing, laughing, and smiling

+ Speaking the truth

+ Respecting yourself and others

+ Admiring beauty

+ Trusting your intuition

+ Being fully present as a spirit in your body

+ Being present in the world

+ Living in a state of grace

Ways Your Aura Is Naturally Depleted:

+ Neglecting daily meditation practice

+ Not paying attention to yourself

+ Overworking or overthinking

+ Long sedentary times; not moving enough

+ Verbal, physical, or energy attacks

+ Interacting with negative people

+ Worry, mental obsession, and fear

+ Constant thoughts about the future 

+ Being exposed to media-communicated violence

+ Depressing thoughts; unclear intentions

+ Electrical devices: computers, TV, and radio

+ Crowds of people

+ Not speaking the truth

+ A constant focus on negativity

+ Compulsive caretaking of others

+ Not trusting your intuition

+ Neglecting necessary boundaries

+ Merging with others’ pain, worry, or grief"

If you would like to learn more on this subject, I recommend this book:


 Body of Health: The New Science of Intuition Medicine for Energy and Balance by Francesca McCartney, Ph.D.