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The Truth About The C o r o n o v i r u s

Everyone must remember that they need not fear this virus. Take precautions to keep yourself and your family safe, but do not live in fear. That will only feed it. You need to be concerned about the media hype. The media and government are going to such extreme measures. -It is all being led to force the vaccine for it. YOU DO NOT want to get this vaccine!!! There is so much going on behind the scenes, but what you need to know is that there is a war going on between evil and the light 'out there'. There is also a war going on here, but we are on our own. Benevolent ET's are aware of this situation, however, they cannot intervene in any way. It is not up for them to decide if we rise up and evict the evil here or if humanity is destroyed. We ( as a collective) have to make this decision. 


DO NOT pay attention to the number of deaths from this virus- IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!

The numbers are being manipulated. If someone has the virus and then commits suicide or dies in a car accident, they are listing the cause of death as c.o.v.i.d. This virus is more contagious then the flu and is slightly worse then the flu, but the statistics for this virus and the flu is nearly the same. So why are such drastic measures being taken is what you should ask yourself.


The negative agenda are pulling out the last cards they have to play and this is one I knew was coming. I started preparing 5 years ago for this. Many insiders have spoken out 10-20 years ago about something like this happening that will put us all on lockdown. The negative agenda want to fast forward Agenda 21 because its the last card they have to play. The vaccine will be a part of this. (If you are not aware of agenda 21, it is an action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It sounds great, so humanity will likely fall for it. But what it does is herd us all into large cities with rural areas off limits. Then  we are all clumped together like cattle so they can make their next move)

Do not be surprised if some big names (Bill Gates, The Bush's, The Clinton's, Harvey Wienstein, The Royal Family, Religious Figures, CEO's, Athletes and Celebrities)  announce they have the virus or that they have 'died' from the virus. They will use this to go into hiding or to cover for the fact they are being detained.

The best thing we can all do right now if you are high risk, is to stay inside unless you absolutely must go out for food or something and wear gloves and a mask. Send healing and higher consciousness energies to all of humanity and to the Earth. Visualize a violet bubble around you. The violet flame can be used to protect you. We need more people to wake up, especially right now. The end game is at 50/50 right now and we need to tip in our favor so we can succeed in our missions. And no matter NOT get this vaccine. NO good will come from it. Below is a sample form you can copy, paste and print out for your Dr to sign in the event you or your child is being forced to get this vaccine either from your employer or your child's school.


This is a contract of Conditional Acceptance. I______________________________________________ hereby agree to sign this contract for my patient, coworker, employer,____________________________________________ with the knowledge this vaccine/flu shot contains MRC-5, VERO cells, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, aluminum salts, calf serum, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphospate sulfate, potassium aluminum sulfate, polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20, neomycin sulfate, thimerosal (multi dose vials), madin darby canine kidney cell protein (MDCK) formaldehyde, phenol, potassium chloride, mercury, CMRL 1969, latex rubber, glutaraldehyde, synthetic medium, and many other ingredients that have been linked to cancer, autism, iatrogenic reaction and other dangerous illness. I agree to pay (IN FULL) for any damages this vaccine may cause. The party or parties involved are 100% responsible and agree to pay out damages or harm this vaccine/flu shot may cause. If a cure is not available then all parties involved are responsible for the treatments for life. In the event of death by vaccine all parties are responsible for any bills or finical burdens pushed on to the family members. Damages includes medical, hospital, bills, treatments, medicines, remedies and other things not listed plus any verbal agreements. If there is a cure and it is hidden from the public all parties involved must pay quadruple the amount. Parties that must pay are are defined as, law enforcement, government, corporations, employers, lawyers, hospitals, FDA, FBI, CIA, any government official, members of congress, Bill Gates, and anyone not mentioned here who is aware of this agenda. This contract is protected by the people of the Unites States Of America. This is valid in all 50 states by signing this contract renders all vaccine/flu shot laws void in all of the 50 states.

_________________ Date

If you or someone you know has the virus:

I have heard that a member of the "elite" who is an insider said several things can help to kill this.

#1 is Co2 drops. I use this kind: SynergyO2

#2 is Black Elderberry Syrup. I use Gaia brand: