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Starseed Origin Plus


The origin plus report will tell you your origin (If you are a starseed) and then the other races you have incarnated into. 

This used to be just the origin for $1, but I simply cannot keep up with the orders coming in, so I can no longer offer the $1 report anymore. It was either this or stop doing them all together. =(

*I will need your date of birth, EXACT time of birth and place of birth*

Best for Special Occasions

Origin Only

Full Chart





*North & South Node Info: karmic lessons for this lifetime & challenges and gifts you brought in to this life.



** I will need your Date of Birth, EXACT Time of Birth & Location of Birth (city, state, country)**


Full Chart

Psychic Abilities Chart


Everyone is born with potential for certain psychic abilities. This is all hidden in your birth chart. I take quite a bit of time to examine every single thing and point out what abilities you should be working on.  

** I will need your Date of Birth, EXACT Time of Birth & Location of Birth (city, state, country)**


Psychic Abilities Chart

Medical Astrology Report




Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and physician, said: “ A physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”. When a patient got sick, their birth chart was drawn up. This helped the doctor diagnose and treat.

Many factors go into medical astrology. This information will enable you to help detect areas of potential pathology and help guard against it.

Planets are the activating energies, describing various types of symptoms and pathology.

Each sign of the zodiac rules specific parts and glands of the body.

Planets in signs suggest what pathological action is taking place where in the body.

Planetary action can reflux to signs in opposition and square.

Each sign of the zodiac also has special dietary needs.


Crystal Chart

More Services

Full Numerology Report


Includes everything below

Life Path Number

Destiny Number

Soul Number

Personality Number

The 4 Pinnacles

The 4 Challenges

The 3 Cycles

Your Karmic Lesson Number(s)

Your Karmic Debt Number(s)

Birthday Number

and MORE!

Your FULL legal name at birth will be required along with your birthday. **Time of birth is NOT needed**


Full Numerology Report

Black Moon Lilith & Saturn Influences


 It has been confirmed that the negative alien agenda has been manipulating the constellation transmissions and using Saturnian worship interchangeably for propagating negative issues on earth. These distortions and their disadvantages remain heavily prevalent with those humans who may have heavy Saturnian square and opposition influences in their zodiac birth chart. So for spiritual clearing purposes of curses, hexes, and other Black Magic, one may need to review Saturnian influences for removal of these influences in the birth chart, that may have recorded astral body bondage made in agreements that serve the Service to Self interests of the negative Orion Group.

I will go into your birth chart and find your negative Saturn influences.


Black Moon Lilith is an important piece of an individual’s natal chart. The house Lilith is in will influence your colder/shadow self or even cause negative behaviors.  Lilith can hide subconscious energies of malice and self-undoing.

I will go into your birth chart to find where your lilith is and what to be cautious of.

I will need your birthdate, exact time of birth and place of birth (city, state, country)


Lilith & Saturn