Recommended Reading List

------------>  ********'Outwitting The Devil' by Napoleon Hill. - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU CAN READ!! If you were going to only read 1 book in your entire life, I would say this should be it! This book is an actual conversation between the author and The Devil when he was able to access The Universal Mind/Akashic Records. This book reveals just how powerful human beings are, they just dont know it. 

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** 'Echos Of The Cosmic Song' by Mary Gray - To me, this is the 2nd most important book to read.  

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** 'The Allies Of Hummanity' by  Marshall Vian Summers                                 

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To read a summery of this, go here:


**'The Return Of The Real' by Duane Heppner 


**All Dolores Cannon Books

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**All Edgar Cayce Books

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**Practical Psychic Self-Defense: Understanding and Surviving Unseen Influences by Robert Bruce


From here, I recommend reading "The Law Of One" by the group consciousness Ra 


This is a transcript from a member of the Lucifarian group consciousness. 

(Yes, you read that correctly) If you want to know where you are, who you are and why you are here, I suggest you read this.

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