Ascension Plan B

"The original evolutionary schema or 5D Ascension Plan for the planet Earth has been aborted and replaced with evolution mission upgrades administrated by the Aurora Guardians and Krystal Star that we refer to as Ascension Plan B.

This original 5D Ascension plan was aborted by the Krystal Star Guardians, and councils disbanded and reassembled to work on the new mission upgrades, called Ascension Plan B. This was necessitated because of the damaged consciousness fields and their Timelines as a result of Alien Machinery, Dead Light and Bi-Wave Influences, and the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) invasion of the planet, which created extensive damage from the bio-neurological Mind Control and Alien Implants used in the public and in the planet to enslave Consciousness.

From the combined result of multiple levels of damage to the architecture and low levels of participating Consciousness in the original Ascension Process, the result is Soul Fragmentation and disconnection of the human race from their spiritual source. Thus, making it very dangerous to open the inner Stargates of earth during the Ascension Cycle, that had become under the control of many of the NAA. For these and many other reasons, in order to protect the human genetics on earth, the original Ascension plan was aborted and alternatives in the management structures are in the process of being manifested. The Aurora Guardians and Krystal Star are working together with representatives on earth to build new Trinity Wave architecture to handle the plethora of consciousness issues, required transiting and repair the energetic damage made on the earth from Alien Machinery, False Ascension Matrix issues of recycling and static NETs.

The original 5D Ascension plan for humanity was the Stargate merge with the parallel harmonic universe to which our 3D reality of planet earth would unite with its counterpart in the parallel 5D reality, our planet in the future timelines. In the future Timelines planet earth is called planet Tara. This is not transpiring because the future timelines of earth were completely invaded by the extradimensionals of the NAA, making 5D Ascension impossible.

Shifting to Ascension Plan B

Some Ascension Guides or 2012 Ending Calendar Presenters will say 5D Ascension because they do not have the language as of yet to describe what has changed in the collective Consciousness and the Timelines of earth. Some of this Ascension ground crew are working specifically to help those that were working for 5D Ascension to transition the Soul bodies to a higher level of participation in Expanding Consciousness within dimensionalized time. Naturally there is an NAA agenda to confuse, obfuscate and thwart that from happening. The NAA Reptilian preferred method is to create disinformation and confusion, so they can infiltrate and manipulate - they recruit Indigo's to co create followings to take the place of contractually trained Galactic Emissaries. The Founders and participating Krystal Star councils have training methods for Galactic Ascension work, and the first order of energetic self mastery is to overcome Mind Control, develop skill sets with dark arts training with Psychic Self Defense and have clear Self Awareness.

This is why so few of the human race has been able to move past the density of confusion and delusion in the Astral Plane, the technological Mind Control is incredibly destructive, making it nearly impossible to perceive reality with clarity, accuracy and balance. From the place of technological and socially based anti-human Mind Control, unhealed trauma, and emotional woundedness; we are then prime targets for Negative Aliens reptilian manipulation, thoughtform or spiritual possession. With inner discipline devoted to training the mind, there is still potential Imposter Spirit harassment, however one learns how to be free of psycho-Emotional Manipulation or any level of Imposter Spirit and dark Possession.

Guardian Mission Upgrades since 2005 and ongoing

Guardian Consciousness is the Celestial Management System – The Architects of Creation are from the next Universe called the Seven Higher Heavens. They exist in both Incarnate and Disincarnate States of Being in many multiple dimensions. They only perform function in accordance to the Law of One and Divine Will of Eternal Source Intelligence. They are the Original Progenitors of Krystal or Christ Consciousness and protectors of the GSF.

  • Accelerated Planetary Intelligence Realignments, each dimension systematically since 2005 to align to Inner Hub and Hosting Out Networks. The Aurora Guardian Families from Andromeda Core of the next Universe are hosting our Planet through the GSF Aurora Time Continuum.
  • Inner Templar and Organic Stargates Closed. No 5D Ascension. Accelerated Ascension Plan B to Incension through the Inner Hub Gate “Arc System” Networks. Mother Arc is the 13th Gateway.
  • Accelerated Planetary Intelligence Realignments, Each Dimension systematically since 2005 to align to Inner Hub and Hosting Out Networks. The Aurora Guardian Families from Andromeda Core Matrix of the next Universe are hosting our Planet.
  • Guardian Assignment to facilitate Trinity Wave architecture from the 12D base pulse overrides to Planetary 10D Reversal Currents and other ststic NET Alien Machinery fields. Attempt to build as many 12D Hubs as possible to repair grids.
  • Build as many transit stations through Transharmonic Pillar Gateways anchored into the more stable fields of the planetary body. Prepare for possible evacuation and portal jumping.
  • Repair and erase Trigger Event Timelines in the cellular memory that create Cataclysmic Event Horizons in Armageddon Software due to Reptilian NAA Agenda. (Ex: 911 Timeline, Reptile Invasion Timeline from Atlantis)
  • Soul Matrix triad is the Current Focus of Repair, Rehabilitation and Reconnection. (4D-5D-6D)
  • We are in the Now Presence of Zero Point (Spiral Eternal Time) - anything can happen in the miracle of God consciousness.

This is to remove the False Ascension Matrix (FAM) structure from governing the control of the future timelines for the Soul and further fragmenting the Monad bodies in the higher dimensions in phantom spaces. New timeline of choice began during the end of the Ascension Cycle on 12/21/2012 to transcend our 3D mental body (Negative Ego and Three Layers of Ego solar plexus and personality influences) and build enough Lightbody to sustain personal ascension hosting with Krystal Star. Mission upgrades are continually changing and updated. As of January 2013, we are sustained by planetary hosting through the Krystal Star. Rehabilitation of grid networks to an open source system and trinitized forms begins. HGS is given to the starseed public to begin to create energetic template for open source systems and architectural field repair of planet and human bodies. 

The time has come where the consciousness bifurcation on planet earth has necessitated additional evolutionary framework for servicing the wide spectrum of human consciousness through the Founder Guardian and Krystal Star planetary hosting. Krystal Star hosting means the reclamation of the Universal Laws and Principles which are the essential nature of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness which is built upon the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix design. To rebuild the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body upon this earth and reassemble the holographic template of Christos-Sophia recorded throughout the past, present and future earth timelines, the Founder Guardians state the guidelines of the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict."


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