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Is Global Warming Real? Or a Hoax?

It's a hoax. This is an agenda started by the negative agenda in order to merge everyone into large cities.  The wildfires are part of this as well. They are happening in smaller areas which is forcing people to move- and they are starting these fires on purpose for this reason.

AGENDA 21 is the worldwide plan for sustainable development implemented at the local level through the city council, county and state.

AGENDA 2030 is the worldwide plan for sustainable development implemented at the national and worldwide levels.

These sound like great agendas right? However, sadly, the world governments do not care about you, so one must wonder why they would all of the sudden try to help everyone and this planet. 

This is their plan:

-Create global warming scare and panic

-Get lightworkers and starseeds to focus on this while putting more fear into the population

-Create flooding, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters in order to herd people like cattle into large cities (Yes they do manipulate the weather)

-This is when they will release most likely a virus/disease that will sweep rapidly through the large cities.

This information is not to scare you, but to make you educated as to what is going on. Its highly likely that the shift will happen before this. From my sources, the shift will occur between 2020-2030. Agenda 2030 will hopefully happen after the shift, meaning those of us who are in service to others will not even experience this. Those staying behind will. 

So what can we do? 

1. If you are involved in environmental causes, focus on pollution and cleaning of oceans and landfill waste.

2. Do not spend your time worrying about this. The more fear you have about it will only manifest it more. KNOW that you will not experience this.

3. Look into energy directed weapons and the evidence of them being used in these wildfires. Spread this knowledge. 

4. Vote AGAINST agenda 2030.

5. Spend time during your meditation  to try and manifest rain to go where it is needed and for the awakening of humanity. The more they awaken, the less likely any of this will occur.