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Current Food Shortages

There are no food shortages. Not really.

Let me explain.....

15 years ago I knew about this upcoming event. This is part of the negative agenda's plan to kill off as many people as possible without the people knowing they are being killed on purpose. 

Let me explain further....

Years ago Bill Gates started buying up all the American farmland and now owns 90-95% of it. Its a very bad idea to let a globalist do this. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon and, another Globalist) bought out Whole Foods and started opening their own grocery stores. Together, these 2 globalists now control our food supply. Farmers started reporting that all their cows were killed in the night....hundreds...and sometimes thousands of cows would all have bullet wounds to the head. Never made it into the news. 

I was told last year the food shortage that was due to happen before we transfer into agenda 21/30, would kill off many people. However, since the good guys have largely stopped all of this from happening, it wont be real, but will be real. Let me explain again. Things are being allowed to happen on a smaller scale to wake people up. To give them a taste of what was going to happen. Had Trump and the military not stepped in, this would be a serious issue and millions around the world really would have starved to death. That was what happened in the original timeline. But then we came. Millions of starseeds came to help with shifting out of this timeline. BUT, humanity still must wake up. Already in the UK, they are being warned of a food shortage, but there really isnt one. The food is being pilled into warehouses and left to rot while the media is saying there is a shortage. 

In the USA, Washington state is showing this:

The media is saying this is due to a heatwave and the refrigerated sections cant keep cool enough. This is bullshit. I live in Phoenix where its like the surface of the sun and the refrigerators can always stay cold. These are lies. There is plenty of food.


In addition to all of this, farmers have started speaking about the federal government of the United States is offering them 1.5 times the value of their crops . . . if they DESTROY those crops! If farmers decline the “offer” that same government will stop all farm subsidies for refusing.

There will be a food shortage scare and it may last for a few weeks. In the old timeline, it lasted over a year. In this timeline, you will likely see meat triple in price because of the cattle being killed off. While you can, stock up on canned goods and water. Enough for 30 days and dont forget your pets!