Soul ascension requires us to purify and activate the 7 main physical chakras of our human energetic systems. Each chakra represents one of the colors of the 7 rays of Source/God/The Creator, which directly affect the 7 main organs in the human body. The seven physical chakras also correspond to one of the 7 (real) archangels and the 7 human egoic vices that need to be transcended and turned into the 7 virtues so our  Spirit/Christ Self can be manifested and fully integrated into our physical bodies. This is the process of bringing our own heavens (states of spiritual/Christ consciousness) down here onto Earth (into our physical bodies.) We can not  activate our light bodies until we have removed our negative egos and our shadowy human behaviors that are not in alignment with the LIGHT and will of Source/God/The Creator. Once appropriate soul purification has occurred,  the Spiritual Self/Christ Self is able to merge and become ONE with the physical body.

Based on our level of LIGHT and desire to do good in the world will reflect our level of consciousness and our relationship with the Creator Of All That Is. 

Each chakra is a portal or a doorway to our higher consciousness. Through the spiritual practice of ritual, prayer, initiations, meditation and light filled actions in the world – each one of us has the potential for the 7 seals/veils of amnesia/energetic blocks that have been placed over chakra systems to be removed – in perfect divine timing. When a soul uses its free will to face Source/God/The Creator (which means the soul will have to face the self) and adequate soul purification has occurred,  the dormant creator energy contained within the root chakra (kundalini) will be activated to dance up the spine activating and unifying the once divided chakra system into an ecstatic state of oneness, divine bliss, illumination and a direct experience of the SELF as a creator. Once this occurs, the soul and the human ego become “spiritualized” – filled with light and the grace of Source/God/The Creator to strengthen and assist the soul to remain on the path of steady soul ascension and self mastery. The enormous light the the soul body receives during kundalini activation will illuminate all the things within the lower soul that still needs to be transcended and healed. However – after kundalini activation – the soul will be infused with divine will, empowered and en-lighten-ed with a deeper sense of connection along its journey as it continues to evolve into even greater states than it was before. The human ego can not be fully transcended until it receives the light and grace of Source/God/The Creator through kundalini activation – which removes the veils of amnesia that blind the soul from truly “seeing” the things within the subconscious/soul body that bind it to negative recreation over and over again that keep the soul from evolving into new more loving ways of being.

In order for kundalini activation to occur – so we can bring our Spiritual Selves/Christ Selves down into our physical bodies – the free will of the human will need to desire to rise above the animalistic natures of its lower self.  When a human no longer desires to attract darkness to itself due to its own projection of darkness out into the world, and truly desires to align itself with the truth of the LIGHT, the soul will begin its ascension process as it descends into its lower self/lower egoic chakras. The soul will accept responsibility for the weight and burdens of its own cross – the distortions, energetic blocks (veils) and serpentine lies (distorted beliefs) contained within the chakra systems of the human body/human cross that rise up the spinal column or central light column. In order to self actualize and return ourselves to our truth – we will need to begin the process of soul alchemy by understanding how the 7 chakras / 7 archangels / 7 vices/ 7 virtues work so we can tap into the 7 graces that will be bestowed upon us as  Spirit is returned to us for our dedication and commitment towards integrating and expanding the LIGHT within.

Soul ascension requires us to descend into the depths of our shadowy subconscious/soul bodies. This will require brutal self honesty and self awareness. We don’t need to over think and intellectualize everything; but we do need to be willing to FEEL what is going on within us energetically. HOW DO WE FEEL? If we start feeling negative energy and negative thoughts we need to become very observant of ourselves and how we FEEL – what is going on within ourselves? When we transmute the negative energies by “feeling them so we can release them” – and NOT reacting to them by projecting them onto others or inflicting our pain onto another – we will release the karmic patterning that is held within our chakra systems so our vices can be turned into virtues. 

During this most auspicious time on Earth, humanity has been called to ascend. We are being asked to awaken from our slumber and to heal the wounds within that are being revealed to us through our negative creations. An ascending soul must release its victim consciousness and step into its empowerment by making new, more light filled choices for itself. What once served as dark, karmic learning lessons no longer serve us. It is time to reclaim our LIGHT and integrate it into our physical beings by our actions, behaviors, choices and direction of energies. What we have repressed and tried to avoid….all of our little secrets are coming forward as the LIGHT of greater awareness shines down us. We can not escape the distortions within – we face them head on. We are in the time of Revelations, Armageddon, the Apocalypse – the seven seals over our chakras are being removed so we can SEE ourselves more clearly.  Every human on Earth, who chooses, is being spiritualized in their own perfect divine timing. This can be a hell of an experience where we hold onto our inner demons or we can create our own heaven by stepping forward into the LIGHT of our higher consciousness

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7 Major Chakra's

Crown Chakra


3rd Eye Chakra

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra


Solar Plexus Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

Root Chakra : Resonates with the RUBY RAY of Archangel Uriel. This is where  you need to manifest the virtue of DILIGENCE. The demon of the root chakra is fear. Fear stops us from creating and taking action in our lives, which manifests itself as the vice of being a SLOTH. We need to  build trust and faith so we can be DILIGENT and peaceful within ourselves helping us to establish a stronger relationship with our higher souls – which speak to us through core sensations/feelings in the physical body. If we are disconnected to our physical bodies we will also be disconnected from the intuitive guidance from our higher souls. Remaining grounded – fully present in the here and now – will help us overcome our fears and remain DILIGENT and peaceful in our ascension process.

The first 3 chakra's keep us grounded in the 3rd dimension. The way out, is to empower the other 4. The root chakra It is located at your genitals and has the color red associate with it.  The root chakra deals with your survival in 3D: Home life, security, livelihood and sex. (I Have)

If your root chakra is balanced you have a general sense of stability, success and are free of fear. 

If your root chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you can have feelings of being stuck, procrastinating, overthinking things, anxiety, being materialistic, eating disorders, fears, financial issues, guilt and shame. A blocked or reverse spinning root chakra can manifest into physical issues such as cancer, fibromyalgia, constipation, chronic infections or insomnia.

To heal your root chakra: you will need to release and heal any and all fears, ground yourself to the earth daily and meditate. Many issues with the root chakra stem from childhood. Yoga is also helpful and I will post specific yoga poses at the bottom.  Wear red underwear (Yes, this does help) Patchouli and sandalwood essential oils are best for this chakra. Garnet is the best stone to use during a root chakra meditation.  

Here are some videos to help with the root chakra:

The Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra: Resonates with the PURE WHITE RAY of Archangel Gabriel. This is where you need to make decisions aligned with the purity of your higher soul and not from the distortions of the ego’s wants. This virtue is called TEMPERANCE or moderation. We all have desires and desires are what summons extra energy in order to help us create and manifest the purity of our soul needs while we are here in physical incarnation However, the demon of the Sacral chakra is GREED. If we are not careful, our ego’s will have us focused on wants and not actual soul needs – even at the expense of our health and well being. The ego is never satisfied, it continually desires more – and the more “stuff” we have the more responsibility and the harder we have to work to keep up the false appearances of our egos.

The sacral chakra is located between the pelvis and belly button and has an orange color associate with it. 

If your sacral chakra is balanced, you have a good feeling of  joy, creativity, fertility, sensuality, pleasure and have close, personal relationships.

If your sacral chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you can have feelings of frustration, disappointment, low self worth, low sex drive, unhealthy relationships and no creativity. A blocked or reverse spinning sacral chakra can manifest into physical issues such as genital infections/issues, infertility, addictions, sexual dysfunctions or issues and hip issues. 

To heal your sacral chakra: Wear orange underwear or pants, do yoga, take up a new hobby on the creative side (photography, painting, even a coloring book). Orange blossom essential oil is best for this chakra. The best stones to use during a sacral chakra mediation are moonstone, carnelian and coral. 

Here are some videos to help with the sacral chakra:

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus: Resonates with the GOLDEN RAY of Archangel Raphael.This is where you work on  healing yourself from the vice of WRATH/ANGER and manifest the virtue of PATIENCE. Typically, anger arises when we are trying to assume power over another or someone is trying to exert their power over us. This occurs because humans do not live from the guidance of their own higher souls nor do they want to accept responsibility for their own lives or honor their own free will to choose what is appropriate for them. Instead, we project everything outside of ourselves and we become energetically parasitic in our attempts to take another souls free will away from them so we can feel like we have some sort of control in our own lives through the process of controlling others. It is in the solar plexus chakra where negative energetic entanglements occur as humans energetically cord into each other trying to gain control and power over others. When we want to manipulate, control, shame, belittle or even take away another souls lesson we become obsessed with other people’s lives instead of working on our own lives and the things within us that we have “true” power to change. The virtue of PATIENCE is much easier to acquire when we remain focused on our own lives and behaviors so we can remain steadfast in the illumination of our energy being positive, light filled energy and not the energy of negativity – which is filled with intolerance, anger, wrath, deception and control.

Of all the chakras, the solar plexus chakra is the chakra that will block most ascending souls from being able to fully raise their kundalini energy up to their crown chakra where self actualization occurs. Spiritualist, Religious Fanatics, Vegetarians, Light Workers, Yoga Enthusiast, New Age Seekers, Channelers, Psychics, Healers etc. oftentimes become obsessed with their new ways of being and they want everyone else to eat, think, behave and live just like them. Instead of being INSPIRING – an example for others to follow – many fall into the egos traps of being domineering and controlling. When others are on a different belief system or divine timeline for soul expansion these supposedly “enlightened” souls put themselves above others and use very shadowy, manipulative, egoic behaviors to belittle, shame and pass judgment on others. This keeps people in duality consciousness where they want to duel with others, which will only bring forth more wrath/anger because humans continue to remain attached to the way other people utilize their God given right to utilize their own free will in a way that they feel is appropriate for their own souls journey. Attachment to outcome always leads to anger, the need to control and disappointment. Unfortunately, this need to control others – or our need to let others control us so we don’t have to make decisions for ourselves – creates an energetic shield in our solar plexus chakra that blocks our kundalini energies from being able to move into our heart chakras where continued spiritual evolution can occur eventually leading us into a TRUE state of en-lighten-ment where every cell in our body is activated with the divine LIGHT of our higher souls.

This chakra is located between your belly button and breastbone and has a yellow color associated with it. The solar plexus chakra deals with power and identity (ego). 

If your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will have charisma, power, confidence, humor, leadership and mental clarity.

If your solar plexus chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you will have feelings of being powerless, timid, anger, wanting to dominate others, being overwhelmed, no willpower and low self esteem. A blocked or reverse spinning sacral chakra can manifest into physical issues such as digestion issues, low blood sugar,  kidney or liver issues or chronic fatigue syndrome. 

To heal your solar plexus chakra: Wear yellow shirts, reflect on who you really are. Not the you stuck in this body, but you-the soul! If there are childhood issues to be worked out, do so. Meditate and do yoga. Basil or ginger essential oils are best for this chakra. The best stones for solar plexus meditation are citrine and tiger's eye.

Here are some videos to help with this chakra:

The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra: Resonates with the PINK RAY of Archangel Chamuel. This is where  you need to manifest the virtue of CHASTITY. The demon of the heart chakra is LUST. Lust is a form of attachment and an intense wanting of something to occur so our negative emotional needs can be artificially fulfilled. Lust is the ego’s need to cling to or identify with a negative behavior that provides instant gratification and a sense of pleasure that numbs out our internal pain that we would rather not address. This internal pain filled with unprocessed emotions and feelings blocks the heart chakra from giving and receiving love – Love of the self, love of the body, love of humanity, love of nature, love of life and love of God. When we go within and address the shields of protection, we have placed over our hearts, and get to the root of our stored pain we will tap into self respect, self love and the desire to practice the art of chastity or abstinence from those things that truly do not serve our highest good. When we truly love and respect the self, we will then be able to truly love and respect everyone else. Our source of love will be authentic, empowered and and infused with Spirit – it will not be parasitic, needy, manipulative, demanding or conditional.

 The 4th chakra  is in the center of the chest with a green color associated with it. The heart chakra deals with giving & receiving, love compassion and gratitude.

If your heart chakra is balanced, you will have feelings of love, trust, compassion and connection. 

If your heart chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you will have feelings of sadness, depression, grief, loss, resentment, keeping old pain, feeling alone, lack of empathy, fear of intimacy, not accepting love and not feeling love for others.   A blocked or reverse spinning sacral chakra can manifest into physical issues such as breast cancer, asthma, allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure, lung issues and issues with the thymus. 

To heal the heart chakra: wear green shirts, wear a jade or emerald necklace, process old grief and release it. Forgive everyone for everything they have done to you and release it. Make a list every morning of everything you are grateful for (even if you have to start with hot water and indoor plumbing). If you can live in a place of gratitude, this is a very good place to be.  Meditate and do yoga. Rose or Eucalyptus essential oils are best for this chakra. The best stones for heart chakra meditations are jade and emerald. 

Here are some videos to help with this chakra:

The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra: Resonates with the PALE BLUE RAY of Archangel Zadkiel.  You want to manifest compassion and the virtue of CHARITY or giving. The ultimate gifts to give are – forgiveness, love, respect and the willingness to honor a souls free will. In order to give these virtues to others we will need to give them to ourselves first – for we can not truly give to another what we have not manifested for ourselves. The demon and vice of the throat chakra is GLUTTONY. The negative human ego is gluttonous – it is excessive, and has an insatiable appetite for more, more, more. The gluttonous ego is a taker and expects others to fulfill its expectations without giving anything in return. The negative ego lacks respect and the balance of equal energy exchange in the form of giving and receiving – it never feels it should give back – it simply wants more for itself even when it is at the expense of others. This behavior often times leads to harsh criticism, judgments, unloving words and actions that create tremendous dysfunction and harm on our planet.

The throat chakra is located in the center of your throat with a light blue color associate with it.  When the throat chakra is balanced you will have  truth, purpose, expression, synchronicity and communication. When the throat chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you may experience: lack of expressing feelings, heart and mind are disconnected, lying, lack of purpose, fear of speaking, speaking and not being heard, not standing up for yourself. A blocked or reverse spinning throat chakra can manifest into physical issues such as: Thyroid problems, constant sore throat, hearing problems, teeth or gum issues, TMJ, tonsillitises, stiff neck or shoulders.

To help heal and balance this chakra, wear sodalite around your neck, light blue scarves, necklaces or shirts. Sing as often as you can, scream when you can, recognize that you deserve to be heard and start speaking up. Meditation and yoga will also help. Hyssop essential oil is good to use on the throat. Sodalite is the best stone to meditate with for this chakra. 

Here are some videos to help with this chakra:

The Third Eye Chakra

Spiritual Eye Chakra: Resonates with the BLUE INDIGO RAY of Archangel Michael. Here, you want to manifest the virtue of KINDNESS or benevolence. The spiritual eye chakra resonates with the energies of “clear seeing” and that means that you are no longer in denial about your shadowy behaviors or the shadowy behaviors of others. The demon of the spiritual eye chakra is denial; especially about the self and the negativities within. These negativities when left unaddressed harbor hurtful feelings leading to the vice of ENVY towards others. Because we are unwilling to heal our own negative feelings and behavioral patterns – we don’t feel good about ourselves – so we will become envious of others when something positive happens to them. Because we have constructed so many false masks to cover up our deep insecurities, fears, addictions and negativities within – we will not be able to authentically be happy for someone else’s success. Repressed envy and lack of our own self empowerment, self love and willingness to live an authentic life leads to distortions and oftentimes negative psychic attacks towards other beings which leads to a vicious cycle of negative energy forms being attracted to us because we are in denial about our own negative energy projections towards others. If we want to attain spiritual protection then we need to make sure we are utilizing our energy only for good. If we have negativity within, then we need to address it, otherwise we will leave ourselves open for energetic interference from outside sources that come to teach us very profound soul lessons.

This chakra is located between your eyebrows. A dark blue or Indigo color is associated with it. The 3rd eye deals with perception & psychic abilities. When the 3rd eye is balanced you will have a general feeling of being focused, strong intuition and will have psychic abilities. When the 3rd eye chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you may experience: depression,  nightmares, a lack of intuition and could have PTSD energy staying in this area.  A blocked or reverse spinning 3rd eye chakra can manifest into physical issues such as: Hormonal imbalance, hallucinations, vision problems,  migraines, sleep disorders or sinus issues. To help balance the 3rd eye chakra, start looking at the bigger picture, start keeping a dream journal and find ways to strengthen your intuition. You will want to work on your psychic abilities as well. Meditation is an absolute must for this chakra and Lapas Lazuli is the best stone to use during while placed between your eyebrows. Ylang Ylang and Rosemary essential oils are the best for this chakra.

Here are some videos to help with this chakra:

The Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra: Resonates with the VIOLET RAY of Jophiel. Here,  you want to manifest the virtue of HUMILITY and reverence. The demon of the crown chakra is the negative ego’s PRIDE. The ego needs to feel important and it does this by taking away people’s power. The ego does not honor the souls free will – in fact, it manipulates the soul into thinking the guidance it is receiving is from its higher self. Egoic guidance is always controlling, repetitive, loud and demanding – it creates so much mind chatter it generates static interference in the soul by blocking the soul from attaining the gentle intuitive, loving feelings of wisdom from its higher self. The ego is emotional and irreverent and it has us worshipping the idols of material things in order to keep us disconnected from our spiritual selves that reside in a higher vibrating dimension within our energy fields. In order to open up the crown chakra we will need to work on all 7 of the chakras and all 7 of the virtues (humility, kindness, charity, chastity, patience, temperance and diligence) so we can release the 7 vices (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, slothfulness) that continue to enslave humanity from attaining their highest potentials as Realized Beings here on Earth.

This chakra is located on top of your head. It has a purple or silver color associated with it. The crown chakra deals with wisdom and is your connection to spirit and source. 

A balanced chakra will have you feeling unity, bliss, understanding, intelligence  and experiencing miracles. When the crown chakra is imbalanced or blocked, you may experience: depression and apathy. A blocked or reverse spinning crown chakra can manifest into physical issues such as:  confusion, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, spaciness, learning disabilities and mental illnesses. 

To help heal the crown chakra, spending 2 hours in silence each day is extremely helpful. Not only does this help your chakra, but the brain will literally create new neurons and thought patterns. Fasting is also very helpful for this chakra. This is why you will see many religions promoting fasting.  Amethyst and clear quarts are the best stones to using during meditation for this chakra. (I will put one under a headband while I meditate. ) Myrrh and Frankincense are the best essential oils to use for this chakra. You can put it directly on your scalp or put some on a cotton ball and stick that under a headband.

Here are some videos to help with this chakra:

Yoga For Chakra's

This is a  routine that I do every day to balance my chakras. Yoga is not only good for the body, but for the mind. Its a form of meditation. During yoga, you want to breathe in slowly from your diaphragm and stomach instead of your lungs and when you breathe out, you want to pull your navel towards your spine. This is called "conscious breathing" and is VERY good for your body and will also keep you focused on your breath so as to keep you in that meditative state. While in each pose, I take 4-5 breaths. You can do each pose longer if you like. For the crown chakra, if you need to lean up aginst the wall (like me), do so. Same with the throat chakra. For the heart chakra, I had to start with a large yoga ball. After 2 months I was able to use a smaller ball and now I dont need one at all. 

Do this at least 10 minutes once a day. Hopefully over time you can stretch it out to 30 minutes twice a day. 

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