Hello! My name is Laurie. Ever since I can remember, I knew I was different. From about 3-4 years old I remember thinking that I was important and I was supposed to do something special, but I didn't know what. I knew I was different from the rest of my family. They were devoted Christians and here I was, this little kid saying that these bible stories weren't adding up and something was fishy. I remember being shocked in school by the teachers who were ordering me around and telling me things that I knew weren't true. 

I could always see clear auras around everything and everyone and thought that this is what everyone sees. I could also always see energy in the form of 'tv static' over everything. Again, I just thought this is how everyone saw things. 

I would go to skating rinks as a child and cry as I watched the little kids fall down with no one to help them up. Id cry when my mom killed ants or put mouse traps down. I would get super angry when boys would pull leaves off of trees and smash lighting bugs. This was just me.

My mothers family on BOTH sides were all 33rd degree masons. I know now that this wasn't a good thing. I may have been subjected to satanic ritual abuse as a child. I'm still unclear on what happened during this particular incident. 

Ive always had paranormal experiences, from the terrifying to the hilarious. (All my forks disappeared one day!!) XD

Once I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do...I just knew I was supposed to do something MAJOR!

Speaking of majors.....I think I tried Every.Single.One. Psychology, Art, Advertising, Education, Real Estate, Cosmetology, Nursing....back to Psychology.....back into Nursing.........I did this for 20 years. I never found my niche. It wasn't until 2012 I started waking up. 333 had been following me for years and that triggered something in me to search for other things. 

I finally came across the information about starseeds and what is REALLY going on here (which most people dont even know about).  I found out that I am a starseed from Arcturus with incarnations also in Lyra, Andromeda and Hyades. 

Having this information meant so much to me. It meant that i was right this whole time! That I was NOT crazy. That I WAS different and that I WAS here for a special purpose. I was able to connect with others like me and to freely talk about this stuff among others who understand (instead of looking at me like I'm insane).

I was never interested in astrology. I do not like math or numbers!  But astrology chose me. I was vetted and watched without my knowing and then was chosen by someone who taught me this method from beyond Earth. I am one of the VERY few that have been chosen to use this method and feel truly blesssed.