Starseed Charting

Are you seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 222, 333....? This is an alarm clock going off and its time to wake up!

I am one of three people who have been taught this  distinctive method of using advanced astrology to see if you are a starseed.

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I'm A Starseed.... Now What?

Find out more information about your particular starseed origin, how to get through your awakening and how to connect with your soul family.

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Other Helpful Resources

When first waking up, it's very overwhelming and difficult to wade through all the information that is out there. Whats going on? Whats true? Whats not? Who can I trust? This page contains additional resources that can be trusted.

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Entity Attachments & Psychic Attacks

I Am NOT A Starseed...What Now?

If your chart indicated that you are not a starseed, thats ok! You are a lightworker and we NEED you!

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Entity Attachments & Psychic Attacks

Entity Attachments & Psychic Attacks

Dark forces are working overtime to prevent starseeds and lightworkers from ascension. Learn how to protect yourself!

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Find unique items such as orgonite jewlery & pyramids, astrology jewelry, crystals, stones and more!