Are You A Starseed?

Many starseeds are starting to wake up to the fact that they are here to help, but do not remember who they really are or where they are from. I can help!


Did you just find out you are a starseed?

How exciting! I know that this is a strange and scary time for you right now, but the most important thing to know is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many of us here and we have all been where you are right now. 

When starting to wake up, I know everyone has those 2 questions: 

1. WHO am I?  

2. WHY am I here?

Hopefully, I was able to answer the first question for you. 

Below you will find some info on the more known alien races.

After learning more about your soul family, please scroll down to see dates for connecting with them and more info!


Andromedans  come from the region of the Andromeda constellation and from a star system in that constellation they call Zenetae.

They are a telepathic race.

Skin Colors: Varies. Bluish-violet

Behavior: Benevolent

Dimensional Perspectives: Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Far more advanced than we are and with an average lifespan of 2000 years old.

Star seeds:  Somewhere in the vicinity of 800,000 humans have an Andromedan origin soul. They usually live understated lives and only contain a small bit of their Andromedan energy. The frequency is much different than that of our galaxy and this appears to affect the ease of incarnation and the amount of soul energy that can be maintained in the human.

They LOVE freedom & love to travel and some will choose to be purposely nomadic lifestyle. They don't like making commitments or feeling obligated to do something.

They need freedom in the expression of their true self.

 Andromedan starseeds are a strong driving force behind social evolution and revolution.

Read more about Andromedans here:

Watch video about Andromedas:

Andromeda meditations & Activations:



 Sirians tend to be very mystical.  They produce many great wizards, shamans and spiritual warriors.  Sirians work with nature and animals , including  unicorns, winged horses and griffins. They are more advanced in the metaphysical sense as Sirius is one of the more advanced training centers or universities to which the Ascended Masters travel. 

Sirians tend to work in areas including the arts, music and writing but they also work in areas of mystical healing, witchcraft and energy work. Sirians can also be very alternative and they enjoy expressing themselves in their appearance and many have tattoos.

There are many races. Some have pale blue skin and some are an elven race. It has been said by some, that J.R.R Tolkien didnt make up the elven language in the Lord Of the Rings, but remembered his roots and the language he once spoke there.

Sirian Activation:


There is much to say about Lyrans. Too much to post on here so I will refer you to read this page:

Lyran Activation:


Many Draco starseeds get very upset to find out they are from Draco. Draco's have been given a bad reputation by the information out there on Alpha Draco's. BUT...just like any race....they are not all bad. Just like humans, there is a mix of young souls, old souls, manipulative souls, very kind souls....souls that are out to conquer and rule...and souls which are at one with nature and only wish to help others. Much wisdom comes out of Draco. So, remember this! 

Draco starseeds are good scientists, mathematicians, politicians, actors, and engineers... Many even go on to become professors in ancient history. They are intelligent, analytical, very assured and motivated,

most are successful, they are good at reading others, good at being very persuasive, directly spoken, blunt and charismatic,  witty, and clever

and are strong willed. 


A race of humanoids who come from a group of seven stars known as the Pleiades. They are more evolved than mankind and offer their support in terms of spiritual guidance. They have perfected unconditional love and harmony within society as well as individually. 

Starseeds that come from the Pleiades  have a mission to bring these higher teachings here to earth.  Strong connections have historically existed between the Pleiades and with North and Central American Indians and are illustrated within their art.  

 The Pleiadians are very knowledgeable about the effects of food and water on the physical body.

However within their perfected society lie less opportunities to grow spiritually in new ways.  As such some Pleiadians choose to incarnate here on earth in order to seek growth from new experiences and opportunities. As mankind is less evolved, then being human on earth offers a wider range of experiences and challenges as there is still much negativity here and therefore potential for learning and growth. The understanding of the integration of polarities is an example of this.

Pleiadians are highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic.

They are creative and have active imaginations.

Many Pleiadian starseeds feel like they have a mission on Earth, to help humanity wake up and contribute to the collective consciousness ascension.

Pleiadian Activation:


The Arcturians are a  race that are highly evolved and come from the Arcturus star system. They seek to help mankind and are known as masters healers. 

There are many  Arcturian souls born on Earth and a good portion are among the younger generation. These starseeds will be the planners and builders of a new society through their innovations. They not only see beyond the present structures and systems, they can also add an understanding of the frequencies inherent in form. They can be cutting edge mathematicians, physicists, geometry artists, architects, community planners, system designers, technology wizards, musicians that have a talent for precise use of tones for affect, and energy healers that use geometry and sound to heal specific organs and mental states.  

Arcturian starships encircle the earth to monitor our progress and help us with our spiritual evolution. These beings are pure love, they have advanced knowledge and are of an extremely high vibrational frequency they often communicate with humans through telepathy, and they have some of the most advanced healing techniques available to us for healing. They can be called upon by anyone who so wishes for healing, they will take you to their healing capsules on their planet and work on your etheric, mental, emotional bodies if you ask for them to. They are very powerful healers. 

Their average life span is 350—400 earth years 

Arcturian Activation:

Arcturian Upgrade:


For Orion starseeds,  there is a plethora of information out there, but the best Ive come across is through another website, so I will put a link below for you to visit and read all about Orions!

Click Here

Orion Activation:


The Hyadeans are refugees of the constellation Lyra after the first great galactic conflict. When the Lyran home world Avalon was brutally savaged by REPTILIANS aggressors, the inhabitants of that star system fled throughout the galaxy. While a great many fled to the Pleiades and other star systems some of these Lyrans made their way to the Hyades Star Cluster to start a new home.

The Hyadeans have remained much less active in galactic diplomacy then their brothers the Pleiadians. Little is known about the race of Hyadeans although they have been reported to be contactees channeling individuals on earth. The Hyadean aliens are humanoid said to look very similar to Pleiadians and have a similar “nordic” look. The Hyadean civilization stood as a “frontier” territory for the lyrans seeking refuge from their invaders. Since, the Hyadean civilization has grown and prospered spreading life throughout the Hyades stream.


Centaurians are known for their abilities as great strategists and Federation Liaison Counselors. They excel at bringing groups of diverse sentient Beings together and at achieving their goals in a most peaceful and harmonious manner.

They, like the Pleiadians, seek to help us grow spiritually, but they don’t take as active a role as the other races, although they do and have made contacts with a select few.


The zetas are very misunderstood. They were once an independent and peaceful race that was later modified by dark forces who used the Zetas as their slaves. Zetas are trying to get their freedom back and many of their race have incarnated on earth at this time in human bodies in order to help their race through DNA experiments. -This is where the abductions by the zetas comes in.......these abductees most likely were Zeta before being human and had agreed to assist in the Zeta hybrid DNA project in order to free their race. The problem is that...they dont remember! This is why the events are so traumatic for them.  If you have a Zeta Reticuli mark in your starseed chart, you were either Zeta in a past life or you are a Zeta-Human Hybrid. 

Connecting with your soul family

There are certain dates that certain planets are in direct alignment with Earth. During this time, it is much easier to call to them for assistance. 

1. Download a starfinder app on your cell phone

2. During the dates listed below, go outside and use your app to locate the planet.

3. If you have crystals, make a crystal grid and sit in the middle of it facing the planet. If not, just sit facing the planet.

4. Say out loud that you wish to connect with ____________ (Insert planet/alien race)

5. Sit and meditate.

Many starseeds have originated in 1 place but also incarnated into others. Feel free to try and connect with all of them.

Pleaidies- May 16th-20th (During the DAY)  Nov 16th-20th (During the NIGHT)

Orion- June 3rd-21st (During the DAY)  Dec 3rd-21st (During the NIGHT)

Sirius- July 4th-6th (During the DAY)  Jan 4th-6th (During the NIGHT)

Arcturus- Oct 16th-18th (During the DAY)  April 16th-18th (During the NIGHT)

Lyra- Jan 4th-20th (During the DAY)  July 4th-20th (During the NIGHT)

Andromeda- April 3rd-May 3rd (During the DAY)  Oct 3rd-Nov 3rd (During the NIGHT) 


*From here, you will want to start getting rid of your negative ego, meditate at least once a day and start doing yoga.

Starseeds have an easier time raising the kundalini and opening their 3rd eye then original humans. It is important to work on the ego before kundalini rises otherwise you may experience what is known as "Kundalini Sickness."

*Learn more about Kundalini here:

*Do not drink any water with fluoride- This calcifies the pineal gland.

*CHAKRA'S! You must work on opening and balancing your chakras. This is vital to get you out of 3D and into 5D and connected with source and your higher self.  To learn about chakras and how to balance, go HERE

*Sungazing everyday is a VERY good way to raise your vibration and help your body become more healthy.

*Connect to Facebook groups with people just like you who are looking to help & support each other through this time.

*Keep your vibration HIGH! Easy ways to do this:

*****During the Ascension Cycle, Starseeds and Indigos have been especially targeted with superimposed karmic loads and implants, for the purpose of slowing us down and requiring incredible spiritual strength in order to be in positive alignment with the Law of Cause and Effect. Our group experiences the boomerang effect of the planetary miasma, as this collective race karmic backlash is directed from dark entities, to keep us weighted down and trapped in this lower density. The tendency to experience more interference on our path to derail our mission, forces us to learn more quickly the necessity to maintain clear and pristine energies through Spiritual Housekeeping. However, the capacity of dark forces to circumvent the Law of Cause and Effect to their advantage is radically changing now, which is highly supportive for our group. In the new timeline shift, the people feeding the lower mental body constructs are receiving rapid repercussion from the Law, while those awakening people that are working to open their heart and be loving, are reaping the positive energetic rewards much more quickly. Please learn about psychic shielding and protection and do this 12-D shielding technique every day.

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